Transformers Revenge of the Fallen is the sequel to the 1st movie.
Revenge is Coming

Revenge is Coming!

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen
Starring Shia Labeouf
Voice starring Peter Cullen
Main Antagonist The Fallen
Release date June 24, 2009

Premise Edit

Sam Witwicky discovers an ancient symbol in the Allspark shard. The Decepticons need him for information. The Constructicons revive Megatron, the leader of the Decepticons. Now an evil Cybertronian version of Satan named the Fallen needs to use the Matrix of Leadership to power up his Sun Harvester to destroy the Sun! But the Autobots won't let that happen!

Cast Edit

Humans Edit

Shia Labeouf plays Sam Witwicky.

Megan Fox plays Mikaela Banes.

Josh Duhamel plays Captain Lennox.

Tyrese Gibson plays Robert Epps .

John Turturro plays Reggie Simmons.

Kevin Dunn and Julie White play Ron and Judy Witwicky.

Ramon Rodriguez plays Leo Spitz.

Matthew Marsden plays Graham.

Rainn Wilson plays Professor Colan.

Glenn Morsehower plays General Morsehower.

John Benjamin Hickey plays Galloway.

Autobots Edit

Peter Cullen plays Optimus Prime

Mark Ryan voices Bumblebee

Robert Foxworth plays Ratchet.

Jess Harnell plays Ironhide.

Mark Ryan also voices Jetfire

Grey Delisle plays Arcee


Andre Sogliuzzo voices Sideswipe.


Tom Kenny also voices Wheelie.

Michael York, Kevin Michael Richardson, and Robin Atkin Downes play the Dynasty of Primes.

Decepticons Edit

Hugo Weaving plays Megatron.

Charles Adler plays Starscream.

Frank Welker plays Soundwave.

Frank Welker plays Grindor.


Calvin Wimmer voices Demolisher

Isabel Lucas plays Alice.

John Di Crosta voices Scalpel\ The Doctor .

Frank Welker also voices Devastator.



*Frank Welker voices Reedman.

*Tony Todd plays the main antagonist The Fallen.

*Jimmie Wood voices Bonecrusher.

Videos Edit

thumb|300px|left|The 2nd thumb|300px|right|The 1st thumb|300px|right|The 3rd thumb|300px|right|Forms thumb|300px|right|Wheelie's introduction

Release DateEdit


Sequel Edit

Transformers 3 will come out in 2012. Bay has an idea of the Dinobots or Unicron. A plot could be that Starscream and Megatron built a device called Unicron that could destroy Earth. Then Robotic Dinosaurs called Dinobots come to Earth to warn Optimus Prime about Unicron! Unicron gets a mind of it's own and turns Megatron into his slave: Galvatron! The truth is that Starscream is controlling Unicron so he can destroy megatron and the Autobots! That's not the plot. But the plot will be awesome in Transformers 3!

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