Twin Synopsis Edit


Skids and Mudfap.

Skids and Mudflap are Twin Autobots. They combine into an ice cream truck. Seperate they form Chevy Beat or Chevy Trax. Skids might be a little more smarter than Mudflap, they can't read. The two have a very feisty personality and they are always arguing with each other.

Mudflap Synopsis Edit

Mudflap fails to kidnap Sideways in Shanghai. He is formatted into a Chevy Trax. Sam shows the 2 a marking on his hand, but Mudflap doesn't read much. He accompanies Sam in his search to find Jetfire. He is seen with Bumblebee, Skids, Simmons, Sam, and Mikaela entering the Giza Pyramid. He is also sucked into Devastator's mouth. He hangs onto a "fang" before he is eaten. He breaks out before Devastator was destroyed!

Skids Synopsis Edit

He starts the movie combining into an ice cream truck with Mudflap. They accompany Bumbkebee to find Jetfire. He is reformatted into a Chevy Beat. He also is about to fight his brother. He accompanies Jetfire when they open a Space Bridge to Egypt.

Toys Edit

Skids Legends Edit


This Skids is not much.

Skids Deluxe Edit


Skids has a gimmick that he moves his mouth Wheelie-like.
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Skids Skids Human Alliance Edit

Skids with Arcee and Mikaela

This Skids includes Arcee and a Mikaela driver.

I am partnered with female bistas!

Skids Gravity Bots Edit


This Skids is a popup action robot.


Mudflap Legends Edit


Not much

Mudflap Gravity Bots Edit


Mudflap is a popup action robot.
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Skids has no redeco insult

Mudflap Deluxe Edit


Has a weapon and a wheelie-talker gimmick too.
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Skids and Mudflap Robot Powered Machines Edit

Autobot Skids and Mudflap

Has Mudflap and Skids.

Skids and Mudflap Deluxe Edit

Skids and Mudflap Ice Cream Truck

Skids is front, Mudflap is back, they combine.

Mudflap is my butt!