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The Fallen is the greatest villian of all Cybertron. He is the Cybertronian Satan! One day he met Megatron and tempted him to form the Decepticons. That started the war between Autobots and Decepticons.


The Fallen arrived on Earth thousands of years ago. In the present day, he talks to Megatron and reveals that the Allspark's power is flowing through Sam Witwicky and that he is the key to finding energon. Once freed, the Fallen arrives in Egypt and commands Megatron to find Sam. He teleports to Sam and takes the Matrix of Leadership from him and teleports to the Star Harvester. Devastator uses his turbine mouth to suck the bricks of the pyramid, revealing the Star Harvester so The Fallen can power it up. Just as he powers the machine up, he is defeated by Optimus Prime.

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The Fallen

This is a mini Fallen that transforms into his Cybertronian Destroyer.

Small Fire

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The Fallen

This Fallen has flames in his shoulder.
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Pure Fire!

The Fallen Redeco

This has red flames.