Starscream is the the ally of Megatron. He pretends to be loyal to him, more, what he wants is to be the leader of the Decepticons.


Leader Class toys "NO ONE DEFEATS BILL RAAAWLEY"Enlarge"NO ONE DEFEATS BILL RAAAWLEY"*Starscream (Leader, 2010)

    • Accessories: Missile launcher, 2 missiles
Like the various figures released earlier, Leader-class Starscream transforms into a(n officially licensed?) Lockheed-Martin F-22 Raptor fighter jet, decoed in a gunmetal-like gray and covered in Cybertronian tattoos to more accurately reflect his on-screen appearance in Revenge of the Fallen than his Voyager-class toys. In robot mode, either of Starscream's hands can fold down to accommodate a spring-loaded missile launcher that fires one of two included projectiles; both missiles and the missile launcher can be stored via pegs on his back. Starscream also features two flip-out, non-firing weapons on his forearms: a cannon resembling an M61 Vulcan on the right, and two generic missiles on the left.
Starscream's primary gimmick in this size is the addition of electronic lights and sounds. Pulling down on his canopy in robot mode opens chest panels and his mouth and produces one of two phrases: "Decepticons will crush the Autobots!" and "No one can defeat Starscream!" in the version released in the United States, and simply "Decepticons!" and "Starscream!" in the version released in rest of the world, including most of the version released in Canada, Mexico, and Latin America. Additionally, the canopy activates an LED which light up Starscream's clear, red eyes and various other portions of clear, amber plastic in his chest. During transformation, a button is activated, playing a four-note version of the Noise. In Raptor mode, Starscream's lights and sounds are activated by a Decepticon-sigil covered button on the top of the jet. In addition to lighting the canopy and turbines, this button plays two sounds: either generic jet engine noises or Starscream's voice saying either "No one can defeat Starscream!" (US) or simply "Starscream!" (International).

Activators Starscream, you're "kawaii" now, so I have to warn you about the fangirls.*Starscream (Activator, 2010)

Activators Starscream is a small toy with cutesified proportions in both robot and F-22 modes. His transformation is greatly simplified, with most of the jet parts just hanging off his back in robot mode. Like all Activators, Starscream features button-activated autotransformation from jet to robot.


Okay this is getting ridiculous.*Starscream (2010)

    • Japanese ID number: MPM-1
    • Accessories: Missile launcher, 2 missiles
Masterpiece Starscream is a redeco of Leader Class Transformers (2010) Starscream without the Cybertronian glyphs on his body, and instead has an extensive, detailed paint scheme that matches his appearance in the first live action movie and the F-22 Raptors of the USAF First Fighter Wing from Langley Air Force Base. Starscream comes with a mini-comic by Simon Furman and Guido Guidi, entitled Unite for the Universe.