Megatron from Revenge of the Fallen

Type Answer
Team Decepticon
Command Leader
Enemy Optimus Prime
Siblings Optimus Prime
Megatron is the Leader of the Decepticons

Synopsis Edit

Megatron was a helpful sidekick to his brother Optimus Prime. One day, he was approached by The Fallen and was tempted to form the Decepticons! That started the war between the Autobots and Decepticons. The All Spark was lost. He wanted it to rule the universe. He followed it to Earth where Captain Archibald Witwicky found him. He was sent to Hoover Dam by Sector 7 and was called NBE-1 by Agent Simmons. The Decepticons freed him from the ice and Megatron was free! He went to Mission City to get the All Spark. He killed Autobot Jazz along the way. He fought hard with his brother, almost smashing a human! He followed Sam, the human who had the All Spark, to a tall building. He almost killed Sam but Prime caught him. Optimus and Megatron fought one more time until he is killed by Sam by pushing the Cube into Megatron's chest. He was dumped into the Laurentian Abyss with all the other Decepticons.

Megatron hates Humans.

In the sequel, he is revived by the Constructicons and Scalpel with the Allspark shard. He now takes the form of a Cybertronian Jet Tank. He flies to the Nemesis to have a moment with the traitorous Starscream. He learns that Sam is the key to the energon.
Megatron Meets Michaela

Come here Girl!

Sam, Mikaela, and Leo get picked up by Grindor and are dropped into a factory. He orders Scalpel to remove energon info from Sam's brain, but Scalpel is killed by an arriving Prime. Prime, Megatron, Starscream, and Grindor fight in a nearby forest. After Prime kills Grindor, Megatron impales Prime and kills him. The Autobots arrived and Starscream and Megatron retreated. On top of a building, Megatron plans to reveal himself. Megatron is seen in the battle blasting and killing Sam. He arrives with The Fallen at the Sun Harvester. Once Sam and Optimus Prime are reactivated with the Matrix of Leadership, Jetfire gives his parts to Optimus to kill Fallen.
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Jetpower Optimus Prime fights Megatron and the Fallen, leaving Megatron without half his face and his right arm and leaving the Fallen dead. Starscream and Megatron retreat, saying the battle is not over.

Toys Edit

Leader Class Megatron (2009) Edit

This class is a tank mode Megatron. He has a weapon and a sword. He yells "I am Megatron!" Get him!

Voyager Class Megatron (2009) Edit

This Megatron has a more detailed tank mode. It has wings on its tank! It also has the sword. Get it.
Voyager Megs

My finger's too big!

Fast Action Battler Megatron (2009) Edit

This Megatron has a fast change and a super alt mode. I think youd like

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Im faster than any of yall!

Robot Replicas Megatron (2009) Edit

This Megatron can't transform but it has a heck of a body!
89879903806 A400

No fair! I can't transform.

Legends Megatron (2009) Edit

This Megatron is the fastest transforming Megatron ever. Sorry FAB.
Legends Megs

Take that FAB!

Power Bots Megatron Edit

This Megatron is for the children or the people that hate transforming.
898561673c2 A400

Push my shields and suffer the plastic shin!