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Synopsis Edit

Long Haul is the rumored leader of the Constructicons. He is a dump truck. He is seen reviving Megatron with Mixmaster, Rampage, and Soundwave (?). He is seen combining with his Constructicon team. He also looks for Sam in Egypt, hanging off a building.

Toys Edit

Voyager Edit

Long Haul

This Long Haul is the great constructicon with wheels and a problem with his shoulders.

Clear Sword they should call me Clear Sword Long Haul

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The foot hurts!

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My shoulders are up.

Legends Edit

Legends Class Devastator Combiner

This Devastator has a dump truck Long Haul with a robot mode.

Fast Action Battlers Edit

Devastation Blast Long Haul

This Long Haul has better shoulders and blasts.

Supreme Edit

Supreme Class Devastator Combiner

This Long Haul can't transform into robot but has a Devastator leg!

Robot Heroes Edit

Bumblebee and Long Haul

This Long Haul can't transform but it can fight Bee!

Still hurts

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Why am I partnered with the Yellow Crapcamaro