Jetfire from Revenge.

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Jetfire is an elderly Decepticon that crashed on Earth many years ago. His wounds and age made him become an Autobot. He is found by Sam and Simmons . Sam revives him with the allspark shard. He is seen complaining about his back in an Aircraft Boneyard. He uses a Space Bridge to teleport the humans to Egypt. He is attacked by Scorponok. He is badly wounded by him. So he rips his spark out in order to let Prime use his parts to destroy the Fallen!

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This can transform into an SR-71 and can combine with Optimus Prime.
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Leader slower!


Now i know why your aft hurts.

Robot Replicas Edit


This Jetfire can't transform but it sure makes hi younger! HAh!
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No fair!

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This is the most advanced Jetfire. He can transform into an SR-71 and combine with Leader Prime!
DSC07566 scaled 500

Why put me in the box?


I can't belive I can fly!