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Blackout was killed in Transformers, but was he? In the second Transformers movie, Blackout is revived and renamed when the Decepticons go down to the Laurentian Abyss to revive Megatron. Grindor also serves in capturing Sam with his friends and brings them to Megatron. During a fight scene later in a nearby forest, Grindor is seen in combat with Optimus Prime where he is killed by his head being ripped off. Unknown if it was Blackout or Grindor, lets just say it's Grindor for now.

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This Grindor is a redeco of Blackout's legend.
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Same but dif.

Fast Action Battlers Edit

Missle Assault Grindor

This Grindor has a missle and a redeco of Blackout.
Grindor ROTF FAB toy

Still the same.

Voyager Edit

Grindor with Stalker Scorponok

Redeco of Voyager Blackout with redeco of Scorponok.

Scorponok? I am Blackout!