Devistator ROTF


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Devastator is formed by several of the Constructicons in Egypt who are taken into a merge by Scavenger. Devastator climbs a pyramid while shooting grappling hooks out of his right arm. He uncovers the Fallen's sun destroying weapon and then attacks the Autobots. Mudflap is sucked into Devastator's mouth, holding on just out of reach of the grinding gears. Mudflap is eaten but breaks out of Devastator's body. Devastator is taken broken into pieces by Simmons.

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Devastator Combiner

This Devastator has small transformable Constructicons that have vehicle modes, robot-modes, and can combine into Devastator!

We transform!

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This Devastator cannot combine or transform but it is good for little kids.
Devastator products-11543-small

I cant combine! CRAP HASBRO!

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Constructicon Devastator Combiner

This $100.00 toy is the most extraordinary Revenge toy in the Universe! It can use vehicles and combine into Devastator! But sadly the Constructicons dont have robot modes. Shame!

Im the best!