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Bumblebee is a favorite of the Autobots. His vocal processors were damaged in the war. So he uses a radio to talk. He is sent to Earth by Optimus Prime to find a human named Sam Witwicky, a kid who has ancient glasses that have coordinates to the All Spark. He finds Sam and saves him from Barricade. Then Sam meets the Autobots: the medic, Weapon Specialist, lieutenant, and Leader. Then Sector 7 attacked Bee and kidnapped him. They took him to Hoover Dam. Sam saved him from dying. He shrunk the All Spark and gave it to Sam. They went to Mission City. Starscream attacked a Firby truck. Because of that, Bee lost his legs. Mikaela wrapped Bee in a tow truck (Longarm). Then he helped destroy Brawl. When the battle was over, he could talk again and asked if he could stay with Sam. Prime said yes! Bee will appear in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. He rushes to Sam when the allspark fragment brings life to kitchen appliances. He still is struggling with the voice problem. He is seen transforming and firing at an enemy in the Witwicky lawn. He is also seen fighting Constructicon Rampage. He is also seen fighting a red constructicon that could be Scavenger or Overload.

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Legends Edit


This Bee is a fine little toy.
891892495886 Main400

I'm small and pretty!

Robot Replicas Edit


This Bee can't transform.
922201e01096 A400

No Fair!

Fast Action Battlers Edit

Cannon Blast Bumblebee

This Bee can shoot a cannon!
89178607446 Main400

CAnnon Blast Rampage!

Human Alliance Edit

Bumblebee with Sam

This Bee is a new Voyager-size mold that comes with Sam!
899016c8547 A400

Sam: "This is too cool!"

Power Bots Edit


This Bee is good for the kids.
898551d07fd2 A400

Get me out of here!

Playskool Edit


This is a Potato Head Bumblebee.
2398920f36e6 Main400

I'm a stinkin Potato!

Ultimate Edit

Ultimate Battle Charged Bumblebee

This $80.00 toy is the most extraordinary Bee in the universe!
922442892110 A400

Big and Macho!

Gravity Bot Edit


This Bee can transform automaticly once you stand it up.
8918333ce1da A400

The fastest!

Robot Heroes Edit

893731608182 Main400

I'm with a different Constructicon!

Bumblebee and Long Haul

This nontransformable Bee is cool and comes with nontransformable Constructicon Long Haul.

Deluxe Edit

Preview Bumblebee

This Bee is a repaint of the 1st movie toy with a new head and cannon.
8909931cfbd8 A400

PREVIEW is best!

Cannon Bumblebee

This Bee is a new mold with shoulder cannons.
8988338a3e10 A400

Better than preview