The Buffalo mine-protected vehicle Decepticon took part in the final battle in Egypt, where he killed two of Arcee's components and injured Ironhide. He was possibly destroyed in the bombardment.


  • It is possible the Buffalo mine-protected vehicle Decepticon is in fact Bonecrusher from the first film since he is stated to be still alive in Jungle Bonecrusher's toy bio. Besides, his corpse is not seen among the other Decepticon bodies disposed of in the Laurentian Abyss. Until any official material is released, it's unclear whether this character is Bonecrusher or not. Nonetheless, the chances are still astronomical that a different Decepticon with the same build and facial characteristics would scan the same vehicle, especially something as unique and quite frankly as obscure as a modified Buffalo (the actual vehicle does not have as large and distinctive a fork as Bonecrusher does. Plus, decapitation may be fatal to most Transformers, but not all of them in the live-action film continuity. In support of this, it may also be noted that after he is decapitated by Optimus in the first film his eyes continue to glow, which suggests that he is merely incapacitated and not truly deceased. However, like with Megatron it may have taken a little time for his eyes to stop glowing after death and the camera only showed his eyes for a few seconds and Megatron took longer.
  • When the Buffalo mine vehicle Decepticon arrives with other Decepticon Protoforms, Bonecrusher's bulldog logo can be briefly seen on the side of the vehicle.